Carlos Sastoque


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For the Environment and Greener Living
I was born in Bogota, Colombia in 1970. I think living in a country with so much nature around inspired me and I started photographing at the age of 10 with a small ´Kodak box´camera. After a discouraging attempt to study Electrical Engineering I realized that my true passion was photography so I headed to Brooks Institute of Photography (in Santa Barbara, California) in 1990 where I majored in nature photography. Since then I have lived in Colombia taking nature as well as cultural pictures from many places. I have done tree climbling in Amazonas and worked with nesting Leatherback turtles in the Caribbean.

My images have been published in:
Dorling Kindersley Books, GEO magazine (France), Earth, International Wildlife, Conde Nast Traveler, Birder's World, Audubon Calendars, Inner Reflections Calendar, Portal Calendars, Reiser og Ferie magazine (Norway), Scholastic Publishing, SKM Marketing, Henne magazine (Norway), PROEXPORT Colombia, El Tiempo, Euforia, Voz a Voz, Credencial Magazine, Diners Magazine, Cromos Magazine, Colprinter, Banco Popular, Agrupación Sierra Madre, La Defensa Magazine, FEN, D'Vinni, Vive Colombia, Cámara de Comercio Colombo - Suiza, Explorando El Planeta, Multi Impacto, Flexport, Cosmoguías, Revista Retorno, Diseño Editorial, Primate Consevation Inc, Zebra Studios, Editorial Travesía (Chile).
Additionally I've had two finalist images on the 2002 BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year, 11 Semifinalist images at the 2008 Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year and a Highly Honored image on the Nature's Best Photography Contest. I have had exhibits at the Casa de la Cultura del Banco Ganadero and the Sakurahana Restaurant.
SuperStock Agency represents some my work.